Learn how to
deal with conflicts
in just 21 days!

Have you had enough of bad  mood, stressed relations or poor work results due to conflicts?

Then I have this course in Conflict Management for you!

You can obtain what you want in a more pleasant way! 

-  Learn how to avoid, handle or get out of conflict situations.


Had enough yet ?

A life without conflicts is not possible, but we can be better at dealing with them!

Many conflicts can all too easily occur, are unnecessary or could have been avoided! Others are unavoidable. 

How many conflicts have you had to deal with? How hard was it on you? Did you manage to solve them? Were you able to save relationships or did you lose some? Which impact did it have on you, your environment or your business?

I've had my share of puzzling experiences and learned from them.

Now my course

Conflict Management 

can help you avoid, handle or get out of conflict situations  

Whenever you are challenged by some conflict, be it professional or personal, you can obtain what you want in a more pleasant way!

Feel better,
Cope better

Conflicts often bring bad feelings in the form of frustration, anger, fear ...

When you feel better you will also be able to deal with the situation in a better way. 

Enjoy good relations
or disconnect with grace

Conflicts stress relations. When you become better at dealing with those situations there is also high chance your relations will improve. Or you may become more clear on relations you need to let go.

better results

Research shows that less conflicts translate in improved results. 

The way you approach difficult situations will impact your business or personal results, why not go for the better ones?



What you'll learn

I will share tools and hard earned wisdom,  to support you in the following: 

  • Strengthen and empower your mindset
  • Increase and deepen your awareness and consciousness
  • Broaden and deepen your understanding of conflicts
  • Get a larger perspective and a more complete picture of the situation in front of you
  • Get more options on how to deal with it

You'll also get support

  • Recognising possible conflicts at earlier stages
  • Knowing ways to deescalate conflicts
  • Build better and improve existing relations
  • Diagnose a situation and select a best possible solution approach for it

What this course is not

This is not a quick fix where all your problems are solved for ever after 21 days!
Rather, you will have your own toolbox that you've tried out and can come back to whenever you need help to get out of a difficult situation.

This isn't a miracle solution.  It requires you to make your own reflections based on your previous experience and what you learn in the course. 

The most difficult cases are not part of this course. Examples of these would be extreme conflict avoidance or unconscious inner conflicts. They are topics on their own for separate courses. 

Get started today!

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and start building skills for a less conflict filled future.

Course delivery

4 modules over 3 weeks

Module 1 - Understand conflicts

Module 2 - Handle conflicts

Module 3 - Diagnose & select best apprroaoach

Module 4 - Look back & make final reflections

Learning approach

Experience, knowledge and reflection based learning

Reflection exercises in each module

Videos, presentations handouts and worksheets


Access from all your devices

Lifetime access including updates

100% satisfaction guarantee

Access to instructor


About Lise Bjarkli

  • Conscious Life & Leadership Consultant
  • I provide Self- and Leadership Development Services based on my own Personal Leadership for LifeTM Programwhich I developed from scientific research, best practice tools and my own experience
  • 30 years work experience, mostly in various multicultural and international leader roles over several industries and organisations
  • 50+ years lifetime experience in continuous self-development, learning something new every single day!
  • Engineer, Leader, Psychotherapist (Msc Engineering, MMngt Programs, Psychology and Art Therapy studies)

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