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In a world undergoing substantial changes many leaders and organisations strive to survive.  Our planet itself is in rather bad health. World organisations and world leaders have already called to action. I believe that to gain momentum we need to rally forces and ensure we have the best leaders taking the right actions at all levels and areas! 

Conflict Management

3 ways to help you with conflict situations!



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Dealing with conflicts

A conflict's potential, steps to solve or create conflicts, your thoughts on a possible tool for conflict resolution.


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Which competencies do you really need?

Learnings from my 20+ years in leader roles

Are you wondering what the most important leader skills are?

Let me share some insight ...

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Who is Lise Bjarkli?

Lead yourself

Realise your true potential and increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Lead others

Improve on how to build strong reports, make people blossom and ensure fruitful collaboration.

Lead organisations

Strengthen visionary strategies and innovation realignments.

Maintain balance

Discover your way to ensure balance in your life.

New trends

Keep up with new trends and thoughts, and retain your authority.


Get inspired by leadership stories, examples, history etc.

Flash Briefings

A Conscious Life Conscious Leadership

In these Flash Briefings you'll get tips and inspiration to help you increase your effectiveness as a leader, improve your relations, and achieve sustainable results for yourself, your organisation and your environment. You may even achieve global impact. Consciousness empowers your life.

One of my goals is to bring reflection, depth and energy to the world of leadership, focusing on its most important resource, every single man and woman with the whole complexity and gift of their being. These short briefings are there to inspire you and get you thinking more about your own leadership and life!


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