I Help You Thrive in Your Private and Work Life by Reconnecting with YourSelf!

Lise Bjarkli







Many smart, pragmatic, in the main seemingly successful people  often feel frustrated, anxious, down or even nearing burnout. This can affect their work, relationships and day-to-day living.
This is all part of normal life, but sometimes a helping hand can alleviate the struggle and empower even smart, pragmatic, successful people.
This is where I do my best work, and can support you too through your struggles!

I help you thrive in your private and work life by reconnecting with YourSelf!

I work with professionals such as leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists who are experiencing life's hardships and want to relieve their recurring pain to once again feel strong, confident, alive and truly contented. 
With my broad background as Engineer, Leader and Psychotherapist, I developed an In-Depth Methodology and Program called Personal Leadership for LifeTM. My program allows you to reconnect with YourSelf so you can once again find pleasure in your career and relationships, experience deep wellbeing, increased resilience, and make a serious impact with your life.



 My motto is 'Conscious Life - Conscious Leadership' -  for my own life as well as for the people I support. 
Do you want to be the leader of your own life? This is  especially for you!
Are you in some sort of formal or informal leadership position? This is absolutely for you too!
Friendly yours, 
Lise Bjarkli

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Free Magazine - Dealing with Conflicts

In this special edition of the Conscious Life Conscious Leadership Magazine:

Dealing with conflicts: A conflict's potential, steps to solve or create conflicts, your thoughts on a possible tool for conflict resolution.

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Life is more complex than we ever can imagine!

It's up to us to discover it all!

Isn't that fantastic?

- Lise Bjarkli

How can you get support?

Besides the free offerings above,  I provide parts of my Personal Leadership for LifeTM Program as separate services, online and in person: 

  • 1-1 Consultations (coaching, mentoring or counselling/therapy)
  • Assessments 
  • Courses, Workshops
  • Talks, Seminars
  • The Comprehensive Personal Leadership for LifeTM Self-Development Program 

All  aimed at helping You Thrive in Your Private and Work Life by Reconnecting with YourSelf!

All based on my Unique Personal Leadership for LifeTM Methodology for Self- and Leadership Development!

Check out the offerings below. You're also welcome to get in touch for more information or to book a complimentary call. 

Check out offerings here!

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