Self- and Leadership Development with Art Therapy?

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Is Art Therapy a suitable method for Self-Development, and more specifically for Leaders?

To lead others, you need to start by leading yourself. Leadership development thus starts with self-development.

Art therapy is a powerful yet unexpected and for many an unknown method for leadership and self-development. 

Art Therapy gives you a room for active action where you:

  • Come in deep contact with your inner world,
  • Can unfold and express yourself creatively and innovatively about a theme,
  • And enter into a dialogue with the created expression.
  • This will often contribute to increased self-awareness, which in turn can lead to change.

Self-Development with Art Therapy opens new and old doors

A few years ago I thought I had enrolled in a weekend course in painting. I was wrong, it was a workshop in art therapy ... That course opened a new world for me!

Art therapy can give you strength, courage, wisdom, joy, immense vitality, and access to aspects of yourself that you had forgotten or didn’t know existed!

Who is Lise Bjarkli?

I am an Engineer, Leadership Consultant and currently art therapy student. The red thread in my and many other people’s lives is 'development, quality, knowledge and sustainability'.

It’s essential to aim at Good Leadership. I spent more than 20 years in various leadership roles developing organizations and IT systems for international companies.

In 2010 I gained a profound interest in psychology and the development of the most complex system of all - the human being. This led me to depth psychology and art therapy which I experience as one of, if not the most powerful tool for self and leadership development.

Sceptical? Absolutely yes!

You may be sceptical, however, the approach is both scientific and experience-based. It is based on several psychological theories, with the main foundation in Jungian analytical psychology. The newest theories come from neuroscience and neuropsychological development, a knowledge area in rapid development!

Self-Development with Art Therapy must be experienced!

Rather than reading or being told about the subject, this is definitely an area that needs to be experienced directly. Therefore –  My October 2018 program is all about "Leader and Self Development with Art Therapy" !

If you are interested in developing yourself as person or in a leader role: here’s your opportunity to get a little insight into an art therapeutic journey and a tangible way to experience for yourself some of the strength and power of an art therapy self-development process!




- Self development with art therapy - art, therapy or ?



EXHIBITION "An Art Therapeutic journey"

The exhibition "An Art Therapeutic Journey" is held from 30 September to 26 October 2018 at NaKuHel in Asker, Norway. You are welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Sunday 30 September, including a talk on my own journey.  The exhibition is available in the center’s opening hours (week days from 10:00 to 15:00, weekends from 11:30 to 15:30).

Is art therapy art, therapy or something else? What exactly is art and self-development? Is therapy for healthy people? I encourage you to reflect on these and similar thoughts based on the exhibited works.


TALK "An art therapeutic journey"

This talk will give you some insight into an art therapeutic discovery travel, what art therapy is, approach and underlying principles. The talk at Tekna will be aimed at leadership development, leaders and technologists, while the talks at NaKuHel focus on all people interested in self-development and the use of creative expressions in a health-promoting perspective.

  • September 30th at 13-14: NaKuHel Center, Semsveien 168 in Asker, Norway. Free entrance
  • October 07th at 13-14: NaKuHel Center, Semsveien 168 in Asker, Norway. Free entrance
  • October 09th at 17-19: Tekna - The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals in Oslo, Norway. Free registration here

Course "A good start - your resources" 

Self-development is demanding. Your access to your inner resources is crucial for your ability to act, innovate, express yourself and create something good and useful.

You can achieve a favorable start or follow-up of self-development by gathering your sources of energy and ensuring your supplies.

This mini-course gives you the opportunity to fill your stocks and improve access to your own powers.

This is especially important if you later want to go into challenging topics where you encounter internal resistance, no matter which approach you then choose to use.

The course theme is your "own resources", where we use art therapeutic tools such as images, motion, music and role playing. Select from one of the days below:

Something for you? 

I hope this has triggered your interest and curiosity, welcome!

Friendly yours,


Strategic Leadership Consultant

PS: You will find all the events on my facebook page.  If you found this post interesting or useful, you may want to join my free international members only leaders forum



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