Hi, I’m Lise

I help you thrive in your private and work life by reconnecting with YourSelf!

Why? Because don’t we all want a life of joy, meaning and contribution, leaving a decent heritage to the generations to come?

Do you consider yourself a rather smart, pragmatic, successful person? Perhaps a leader, entrepreneur or technologist? Or do you simply want to be the leader of your own life? 

You may have struggled feeling frustrated, anxious or burned out. You know these life’s hardships  impact your work, relationships and your own wellbeing. You want to get out of your recurring pain to once again feel, strong, confident, alive and truly contented. You have searched for solutions and answers.

I know your pain only too well from having been there myself!   

I'm called to contribute my part to turning current ways of the world into more joyful, meaningful and sustainable lives, relationships and businesses - for my clients, myself as well as my environment, but also for our planet as a whole.

After 20 years in corporate world, the last years as Nordic and Global leader, I was deeply frustrated by loss of meaning and power games. I felt completely empty, didn't have a single dream of my own anymore.

On a Friday afternoon in nov 2010 I made the decision to stop being all brains, start listening to my heart, and a few months later I had quit my job and started my own company. This has over the years developed from a leadership development project to what I consider the most important: focusing on Self-awareness and reconnecting with our Selves, so we can thrive in our private and work lives.

For 30 years I've researched ways to improve business and leadership. The last ten years have also included ways to improve quality of life, as a response to struggles in my own private life! I now need to share what I've found to be the most important competencies required, and the most powerful and empowering methods.  

With my background as Engineer, Leader and Psychotherapist, I developed an in-depth Methodology and Program called Personal Leadership for LifeTM.

My program allows you to reconnect with YourSelf so you can once again find pleasure in your career and relationships, experience deep wellbeing, and make a serious impact with your life. 

 A little about me

  • After more than 20 years of developing  IT systems and business organisations, I decided to focus on upgrading, integrating and improving the most complicated system of all: the human!
  • MSc in Engineering, electronics - specialized in acoustics and speech technology
  • MManagement programs in Consulting, International Business Management and  applied organizational psychology
  • Finishing my 4 years study of Art Therapy in 2020
  • I sing soprano in a choir and am a fan of  all sorts of music
  • Bookaholic, curious - addicted to learning something new each and every day
  • I live in my home country Norway with my Belgian former colleague turned husband, our Norwegian wood cat, a few pond fish and 14 bee hives. Our three adult sons are: the professional musician, the mechanic turned engineer and the young events entrepreneur turned student.
  • Passionate about depth psychology, art therapy and glass fusing
  • Co-founder and Counsellor for the Norwegian Knowledge Center for Gifted Children
  • Board member (prev.chairman) of the professional Group for Ethics and Leadership at Tekna- The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals
  • I love dark chocolate, Spanish wine, Belgian beer, passion fruit, travelling, belly dancing …
  • I grew up in Belgium, with time shared between international and local networks, and spent most of my childhood summers in Turkey  
  • Would love having a conversation with Leonardo da Vinci or Carl Gustav Jung
  • Love magic, science fiction, history …
  • In awe at the complexity and functioning of nature
  • Super structured, analytical systems builder
  • Fan of meaningful conversations and dialogue in small groups 
  • I speak Norwegian, Dutch,  English, French, German and a little Turkish


Life is more complex than we ever can imagine!

It's up to us to discover it all!

Isn't that fantastic? 


Friendly yours, 

Lise Bjarkli


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