360 Online Leadership Assessment

Uncover your Current Benchmarked Leadership Effectiveness and Potential Utilisation. Discover Your Unique Growth Opportunities with the Leadership Circle ProfileTM

Here's what you get:

  1. An online assessment of your current leadership effectiveness based on feedback from up to ten informants of your choice (subordinates, peers, customers and/or superiors)
  2. Your Leadership Circle ProfileTM debrief session
  3. Detailed assessment report with graphical executive summary 
  4. Profile interpretation manual
  5. Follow-up session to ensure your development progression


What you can expect from your Leadership Circle ProfileTM debrief session:

  1. Schedule debrief meeting with me
  2. Define your role and place in the organization
  3. Talk about your leadership influences
  4. Review qualitative feedback from your informants
  5. Review Your Leadership Circle Profile Graph
  6. Discuss your areas for growth
  7. Identify your “One Big Thing” Goal
  8. Set date for follow-up session

What you can expect from your follow-up session: 

  1. Any questions you have related to your Leadership Circle Profile Graph
  2. Areas for growth and the one big goal: projects and tasks to support your goal
  3. Development plan
  4. Following up your progression  

Support: As a bonus to support you even further: 

  1. Optional complimentary recordings of your two sessions
  2. Access to additional material (in the form of an online product) to get the most out of your personal assessment, planning and development
  3. You will have access to me and can at any time ask me questions

Access: You will have access to the online product for as long as it exists. This includes all future updates.

Satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want to cancel the assessment, just send me an email and I’ll refund you without any bad feelings. As the assessment tool, report and sessions infrastructure are provided by external suppliers, any incurred cost for those will be deducted from the refund. 


See you inside! 

Friendly, Lise Bjarkli


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