Own Your Development

Course: Take control of your own Leadership and Self Development Plan

Are you interested in developing yourself as a leader, whether you are new to the role, experienced or most concerned with how you best can lead yourself?

Then this course is for you.

As a leader or technologist you know a lot about  the more technical aspects of leadership or technology. You also know that increasingly more is required of you in today's reality. You know you need to maintain and improve your leadership skills to meet future challenges. But where do you start? What skills do you need? What contributes to successful results? Which development plan and methods are right for you?

In this course you get access to practical use of the ‘Personal Leadership for LifeTM  Methodology and Framework.

The course provides you with the tools you need to create, implement and follow up your own development plan, which over time will help you:

  • Feel safer and more energetic, owning your own development
  • Get clarity on what you need to prioritize to achieve the results you aim for
  • Have a means to evaluate your results and adjust along the way
  • Improve relevant skills
  • Improve your efficiency as a leader by using more of your potential

The course can be adjusted to group needs, but will mainly consist of the following:

  • Expectations and needs
  • Practical Self-development exercise
  • Presentation of the Personal Leadership for LifeTM methodology, framework and workbooks
  • Start assessment using the workbooks
  • Accountability: a first step – draft 90-days action plan
  • Follow-up



I'm currently offering this course in the Leadership School of Tekna - The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals.

I introduced the ‘Personal Leadership for LifeTM  Methodology and Framework to Tekna Oslo's Professional Group Board for Ethics and Leadership some years ago. The board still use it to plan their monthly Leadership School courses and Leadership Forums. 


Course instructor:

Lise Bjarkli is an engineer, leadership consultant and psychotherapist. The red thread in her professional life is 'leadership, development, quality, knowledge thirst and sustainability'. In 2010, after more than 20 years with leader roles, and development of organizations and IT systems for international and Norwegian companies, she gained interest in Psychology and the development of the most complicated system of all - 'the human'. This led her to explore good leadership and in-depth psychology, as well as introducing art therapy as what she experiences to be one of, if not the most, powerful tools for self-development.  Also for leaders and technologists!

After many years in service of technology, she now uses her knowledge and experience through her Personal Leadership for LifeTM  Program.  This program helps leaders, technologists and others to strengthen their contact with themselves so they can thrive in their professional as well as their private lives. 

Lise Bjarkli holds a MSc in Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (now NTNU), with additional MMngt Programs in Consulting, International Management and Applied Organizational Psychology from BI Norwegian Business School. She’s also a certified Leadership Circle practitioner, and is in 2020 completing her studies at the Institute of Art Therapy in Denmark.

Practical information:

Next upcoming course date: Thursday 30.january 2020 from 17-21 at ‘Ingeniørenes hus’ in Oslo, Norway. The course is given in Norwegian that day, and starts at 17:00.  Doors open at 16:30

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I recommend you bring a notebook and colour pencils 


PS: An online version of this course is under development


Friendly yours,

Lise Bjarkli


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