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leader characteristics Jul 01, 2016

Do You care about good leadership and are You searching for more wisdom, energy replenishment, experiential learning or knowledge? Would You also also appreciate an easily accessible meeting place for exchanging thoughts and experiences on the topic ?

Imagine a Leadership Academy built around the members' own online library, filled with good, relevant content. You may be thinking:  whatever is that good for and who would need it ?

'Every library, public or private, incarnates this intellectual greed: to hold materially what can be apprehended mentally. To possess, if not the wisdom, then the Possibility of wisdom contained in books'.   Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel with some others have more to say on this topic, You can read it here: 'Why books are the best furniture'

 The library of Alexandria stood during the Antiquity and for centuries after as the materialisation of human knowledge itself. The city's new library, designed by renowned norwegian Snøhetta, is also striving to live up to its predecessor's reputation. Both libraries are also meeting places facilitating room where people can meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

A Duracell rabbit needs energy refills to bounce and jump like rabbits should. 

A small bear of very little brain, also known as Winnie the Pooh, says yes thank you to both honey and milk.

A leader, whether he/she is a self-leader or organisation leader, should aim for some wisdom.  An active leader also needs energy refills to bounce and jump as leaders should.  A leader eager to understand and evolve can also say yes thank you to both experiential learning and knowledge.

Do you care about libraries, books, knowledge and not the least LEADERSHIP ? 2016 is a year which truly has shown us the need for ethical, purposeful, selfless leaders.  

Good news is: Libraries, books, knowledge and Conscious Effective Leadership (and much more) are my passions too ! I have made it my purpose to be the supporter and sparring partner for people wanting more conscious, effective leadership and longer-term, sustainable organisation results.

I hope to quench some of your thirst for more wisdom, bring you more energy, experience learning and knowledge, and facilitate a good and relevant space for exchanging ideas and experiences.

We don't have to face our challenges alone, we can celebrate our wins together, and there is so much to learn. 

Join my Leader's Forum here:

Friendly Yours,

Lise Strand Bjarkli

Managing director and  'librarian'


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