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How to build an empire with decisive leaders

Traits of the conscious effective leader: Decisiveness

Have you ever had problems making a decision? I certainly have, from the smallest silliest (do you want coffee or tea) to the larger more existential ones (should we marry, move to another country), when not considering daily decisions in the...

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Behind the mask

Behind the mask of leadership - who am I - why should You stay ?

Before digging into all kinds of subjects, let me start with moving aside the mask of a leadership consultant for a moment. Hopefully some of you will want to stay afterwards.   

Why these news posts ?

The main motivation...

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Leadership and Libraries

Do You care about good leadership and are You searching for more wisdom, energy replenishment, experiential learning or knowledge? Would You also also appreciate an easily accessible meeting place for exchanging thoughts and experiences on the topic ?

Imagine a Leadership Academy built...

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