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Are you anxious, frustrated or feeling down? Finding yourself lonely, without support? Then now may be time for a chat with a professional discussion partner, especially these days when we're all affected by exceptional states of emergency.

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During the pandemic, you decide for yourself how much to pay: Not seriously financially affected? Pay the full price, this way you'll also support others. Financially affected? Choose the option that suits you best right now.

Are you struggling with difficult thoughts or feelings? Not sure how to master your life during the corona pandemic? Perhaps you're already dealing with other challenges and don't know where to find the strength to continue? 

Challenges don't get solved all by themselves. The need for someone to talk to and support doesn't disappear, especially not these days when so much of our ordinary lives is suddenly turned upside down. None of us can be expected to master every situation, even less one that is so different and where so much can have built up to a hopeless tangle. 

Friends and family are valuable, but sometimes a chat with an outsider is better.

Uncertain insecure times? Feel free to contact me! 

I offer video sessions where  you can safely get help and support without any risk of infection. I follow the Norwegian Government's and Health Authorities' rules and recommendations to deal with the corona situation, as well as general requirements for security, confidentiality, privacy and other ethical rules.

Are you having objections? 

  • Do you believe your concerns are too small or too big?  Whatever the topic you can always benefit from a chat.
  • Therapy, coaching, mentoring, counseling, or someone who listens to you? The choice is yours. With my background as engineer, leadership consultant and therapist, I consider the whole of you and can support you where you need it most.
  • You don't need a therapist, you aren't sick? We therapists do not only work with therapy, first of all we support people who want to actively do something about their situation.
  • Do you believe seeking help is a sign of weakness? Unfortunately, many want us to believe so, but the fact is that those who seek help show strength by taking active responsibility for their own well-being.
  • Are you unfamiliar with video sessions? You are not alone.  Let me assure you that it's safe, it's easy to connect, and once you've tried it, you'll quickly experience how well a video session works.
  • Don't know if you can afford external help now? During the pandemic, you decide for yourself how much you can pay, or choose to use my free offer.

You can read more below about these and other questions that you may have !

Take care,  and let me know when you want a chat. I'm looking forward to meeting you! 

Friendly yours,

Lise Bjarkli

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are free to talk about most anything you're thinking about. No theme is too small, nothing is too big.
  • Sometimes it can be right to be quiet together. That's fine too.
  • You can be certain that I'm 100% on your side. I will listen, do my best to understand you and be present for you
  • Whatever we talk about is between the tow of us, it's all confidential
  • Sometimes you may worry about being perceived as wrong, say something that could be rejected, feel resistance or even shame. All this is part of being human and something psychotherapists are trained to handle. My duty is to support you, never to judge you!
  • You can rest assured that I will do my best to meet you and your needs in the best possible way! I have my own experience with life's ups and downs, and my own development journey behind me. I know how demanding life can be, how important it is to be taken seriously and to be met with safe, professional support.
  • You are guaranteed full confidentiality.
  • The technical platforms you encounter here are safe, they fullfill  privacy, encryption and other relevant requirements.
  • With  long work experience as engineer and leader, I am now also practicing as a final-year student at the Institute of Art Therapy in Denmark. It was founded and is still led by Vibeke Skov, PhD, who started her pioneering work for art therapy education in Denmark and Norway some 30 years ago. The art therapy profession is approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and is subject to the Norwegian Legislation. The study includes self-therapy, practice as well as supervision by a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist. Most art therapists in Norway today come from this Institute.
    I'm committed to confidentiality, to follow ethical rules, to keep a voluntary journal, and to receive supervision. You have the right to bring in complaint to the Norwegian Art Therapy Association(KTFN). This because I'm a student member of the Art Therapy Association in Norway (KTFN), which in turn is affiliated with the European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT).

You can book a session here or in the link below. You select a service and time, before entering your name, phone and email address.
You can book a session up to four weeks from now. You must book at least 48 hours in advance and cancel 24 hours in advance. Otherwise uncancelled no-show hours will be invoiced.

I use Zoom for video sessions and all other online meetings. Zoom is a very simple and safe video conferencing program.

If this is your first time using Zoom, I recommend installing the program well in advance of the meeting. This is free of charge for you.

To install Zoom on your computer:

Go to the website
Download the program to your machine and install as usual

To install Zoom on your mobile device:

iPhone / iOS: Search for "Zoom" in the App Store. Download the application.
Android: Search for "Zoom" on Google Play. Download the application.

If you have not done so in advance, you will be able to accept the Zoom program download by clicking the link to attend the meeting.

If you have any problems with this you can contact me via messenger @lisebjarkli at the start of the meeting, I'll guide you from there!

  • If you are not financially affected by the epidemic, I urge you to pay  standard full price for my service. That way, you're also supporting those who need extra support now.
  • During the corona epidemic, I want to be available to those who need someone to talk to, regardless of finances. My voluntary contribution is therefore that each person considers his/her situation, as to whether and how much they can pay. When the situation normalizes, I'll go back to standard hourly rates
  • You pay immediately after the session. You'll get the option to pay directly via credit card (paypal or stripe ), or using VIPPS to 599736 in Norway. 
  • Prices appear on booking page or according to  specific agreement
  • You do not have to pay for the session if you cancel or move it within 24 hours before the agreed time.
    Cancellation later than 24 hours before the agreed time will be invoiced.
  • A new session can only be held  when the previous one is paid for. 

Video sessions

During our meeting, all my attention is on you and your needs. No topic is too small, no topic too big!

The contact between us and the efficiency  of this approach is as good as or even better than face-to-face meetings.

Practice Office (closed until further notice)

I'll reopen my physical office as soon as the authorities consider it safe to end pandemic restrictions.

I look forward to welcome you then!

About Lise Bjarkli

I am an engineer with 30 years of local and international experience as consultant and leader in a broad range of industries. Over the years I've undertaken additional psychotherapy and leadership educations.  Finally, and not least, I bring my own life experience and development journey. For the past 10 years, I've delved into how to support the most complex of all: the human being, through self- and leadership development.  

I Help You Thrive in Your Private and Work Life by Reconnecting with YourSelf!

My Framework: Personal Leadership for LifeTM

Book a video session

During the pandemic, you decide for yourself how much to pay: Not seriously financially affected? Pay the full price, this way you'll also support others. Financially affected? Choose the option that suits you best right now.


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