Happy Easter! Or?

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

How are you? How are you doing?

It's springtime, nature comes back to life, the sun warms souls and soil ...

Many celebrate Easter, some Jewish Pesach or Passover, some keep the community machinery up and going, others enjoy the holidays. Days of traditions and symbolism: Christians remember Jesus' death, celebrate His resurrection and life after death. Jews celebrate the liberation from slavery in Egypt which in turn opened for Exodus, a journey to their own land. Hope follows suffering. In my part of the world,  nature awakens after a long period of dark hibernation. It’s time for spring cleaning, seed sowing, planting and caring for the garden before summer turns it all into full bloom. The light and the warmth bring hope and joy!

Most people are home now. An invisible little virus has turned our lives upside down. It easily spreads where people meet, bringing sickness and sometimes suffocating death. 'The weak' among us are powerless...

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