Happy Easter! Or?

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

How are you? How are you doing?

It's springtime, nature comes back to life, the sun warms souls and soil ...

Many celebrate Easter, some Jewish Pesach or Passover, some keep the community machinery up and going, others enjoy the holidays. Days of traditions and symbolism: Christians remember Jesus' death, celebrate His resurrection and life after death. Jews celebrate the liberation from slavery in Egypt which in turn opened for Exodus, a journey to their own land. Hope follows suffering. In my part of the world,  nature awakens after a long period of dark hibernation. It’s time for spring cleaning, seed sowing, planting and caring for the garden before summer turns it all into full bloom. The light and the warmth bring hope and joy!

Most people are home now. An invisible little virus has turned our lives upside down. It easily spreads where people meet, bringing sickness and sometimes suffocating death. 'The weak' among us are powerless...

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What do you mean .. Conscious Life & Leadership?


You know, many people wonder what I mean with Conscious Life – Conscious Leadership.  Perhaps you’re one of them?

 Let me give you the essence and top level perspective on how I understand this, and let's see how this resonates with you. But first, let me start with a little story ...

Once upon a time …

Once upon a time lived this little girl, full of vitality, vibrant joy, imagination and curiosity.

As all children, she grew up, adjusted to fit into her family, school and society --- studied

Until one day!

She’d become an engineer. She spent 21 years climbing the corporate ladder in the IT world. She loved her job, had become a nordic and global leader for an international corporation.

Yet she felt empty, frustrated, with no dreams of her own. 

She felt as a powerless pawn caught in power games across countries and continents

One Friday afternoon in 2010, she was at a Master of Management program on organisational psychology, had a role in a...

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Flash Briefings!


"A Conscious Life - Conscious Leadership" Flash Briefings

In these Flash Briefings you'll get tips and inspiration to help you increase your effectiveness as a leader, improve your relations, and achieve sustainable results for yourself, your organisation and your environment. You may even achieve global impact. Consciousness empowers your life.

One of my goals is to bring reflection, depth and energy to the world of leadership, focusing on its most important resource, every single man and woman with the whole complexity and gift of their being. These short briefings are there to inspire you and get you thinking more about your own leadership and life!

How to make sure you get my Flash Briefings, here are 3 options: 

1) Let my bot deliver it to you daily (M-F): https://bit.ly/2DufM1d 

2) Add the briefing to your Alexa Echo or your Alexa Dot ("Alexa, add A Conscious Life - Conscious Leadership Flash Briefing")

3) Enable "A Conscious Life A Conscious Leadership" on...

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