How to build an empire with decisive leaders

Traits of the conscious effective leader: Decisiveness

Have you ever had problems making a decision? I certainly have, from the smallest silliest (do you want coffee or tea) to the larger more existential ones (should we marry, move to another country), when not considering daily decisions in the office or whatever work site.

So we both know the pains involved: the immobilisation, the insecurity, the awkwardness, swirling around with no results to show. Waiting for others to set directions. Playing out roles rather than being the lead actors of our lives. Making excuses for not meeting goals or commitments.   

What about now, are you able to take decisions on time? How about the extent to which you are comfortable moving forward in uncertainty?   

Years ago, as I was offered a practice job in Turkey, my father adviced me to simply make a decision there and then. The owner would get annoyed at me if I wasn’t able to take that decision. Dad told me I could...

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