What do you mean .. Conscious Life & Leadership?


You know, many people wonder what I mean with Conscious Life – Conscious Leadership.  Perhaps you’re one of them?

 Let me give you the essence and top level perspective on how I understand this, and let's see how this resonates with you. But first, let me start with a little story ...

Once upon a time …

Once upon a time lived this little girl, full of vitality, vibrant joy, imagination and curiosity.

As all children, she grew up, adjusted to fit into her family, school and society --- studied

Until one day!

She’d become an engineer. She spent 21 years climbing the corporate ladder in the IT world. She loved her job, had become a nordic and global leader for an international corporation.

Yet she felt empty, frustrated, with no dreams of her own. 

She felt as a powerless pawn caught in power games across countries and continents

One Friday afternoon in 2010, she was at a Master of Management program on organisational psychology, had a role in a...

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Are You struggling in a disrupted business market?

Are your customers disappearing and incomes going down while your expenses increase? Perhaps are some of the employees on the bench without tasks, or resources hard to find? Do consumer trends, sharing economy, globalization, or drop in oil prices seem to be impacting on your business?

Hopefully, as the best of scouts, you are well prepared for this quarter, this term, the coming mid-year review or the current fiscal year. Then again maybe not.

What about worse, are you prepared for worse? For possible upcoming longer term challenges?

You may never have thought of the fourth industrial revolution or World Economic Forum’s top global risks, these seemingly quite distant and vague topics. Can you imagine those topics having any impact on your life over the coming years?  An impact on you, your work, your community, friends, family or even future grandchildren?

It can be hard to visualise and understand a bigger picture, even more so the unknown future- I have in this text...

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Behind the mask

Behind the mask of leadership - who am I - why should You stay ?

Before digging into all kinds of subjects, let me start with moving aside the mask of a leadership consultant for a moment. Hopefully some of you will want to stay afterwards.   

Why these news posts ?

The main motivation for this is to give you something you may find useful, to reach more people, to build new relations,  and to expand my social network with people having some kind of affinity. Some of you may become collaboration partners, suppliers, potential customers, or again connect with each other through me. Business wouldn’t survive without people reaching out, mine neither.

This concerns us all:

The world is undergoing substantial changes:  climate changes, a flood of refugees and migrants, painfully brutal work markets, markets and organisations of all kinds coping to restructure and to survive.  This again causes increasing health issues for many.  Some causes may be...

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